Founded in 1963 by Clifford Francis-Lau, our company represents enduring success through a steadfast commitment to steel fabrication. Clifford’s legacy, marked by passion, integrity, and enduring relationships, has guided us for six decades. We stand strong as a testament to the enduring qualities of courage, strength, leadership, values, and people, essential for sustained business longevity. Remaining true to our founder’s vision, we prioritize the fabrication and erection of high-quality steel structures, fostering resilience and sustainability.

For 60 years, our dedication to core principles has propelled us forward. Our focus extends beyond delivering products and services; we actively contribute to a more resilient and sustainable world through shared vision, robust partnerships, innovation, and unwavering passion. With extensive experience in Trinidad and Tobago and a broader Caribbean presence, we eagerly anticipate expanding our capabilities, competencies, and capacity to provide cutting-edge steel building solutions. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives us as we envision a future marked by continuous growth and excellence.